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I am a dancer/performer and abstract painter, born in Rome
and now based in Berlin since several years. Improvisation is the engine of my way of painting. My style is inspired by nature, dance and natural movement, trying to express the beauty of unpredictability. I think of my way of painting to be very instinctive and spontaneous (same way I like to move when I dance), . Living in the chaos of the city and the usual obstacles we all meet in life, my landscapes are a way for me and hopefully the viewer as well, to escape for a moment to a dreamy and slightly surrealistic world, where one could find harmony or simply trigger other kinds of emotions not related to the material struggles of life.

All paintigs are acrylics on canvas and they are all original so non-reproducible.

Bianca Dakli-The clearing sky, deep in the sea and an amethyst somewhere downthere-100x100


T. +4917687766486  |

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emerging artist berlin, abstract art, abstract nature paintings

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